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Dental Implants

A smile is the most important part of our personalities, everyone dreams of having beautiful, problem free, dazzling teeth. In the cases where roots of the teeth are absent, the bio-cartilage implant can be applied to teeth. The implants are made of titanium, and people with help of dental implants can also eat food like normal people. The shape of the face and jawline also gets rectified.

Dental implants are a type of artificial teeth, which are implanted in the jaw. There are many options available in this type of procedure, such as bridges and dentures, which patients can consider according to their needs and conditions. Among these, dental implants in Ludhiana are a very popular option these days, because it is the most sustainable method of implantation of teeth, which gives helps you in leading a normal life again. While this type of procedure takes 3-4 months to complete the implantation, but at Dr. Goyal`s Dental Super Speciality Clinic, we also perform painless fast and immediate implants for our esteemed customers who come from overseas. We recommend our NRI clients to get any extraction done before coming to India so that wounds are healed and it can fasten the process of dental implantation in India.

Dental implants are maintained throughout the life by proper maintenance and they are more convenient than dentures and bridges. In particular, for those people whose one or two teeth have gone, dental implants are the best choice to protect your beautiful smile.

Once this implant is placed surgically, it is left for several months(usually 3 months), until the bone fuses in it. After three months abutment is attached which secures it fully and the crown is then used to cover the implant.

The patients who have lost their teeth due to diseases of jaws or whose jaws bones are weak, such people need bone augmentation procedure before dental implants . At Dr Goyal’s Dental Super Speciality Clinic we are fully equipped for these advanced procedures.

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